Wheat plant populations


Late fall? How to plant the wheat

Dealing with a wet fall is a challenge.  Some years the beans just won’t hurry-up and finish.  Getting a big wheat yield is a lot about early planting.

It would seem that broadcasting the wheat over the soybeans is a option.  It is in fact a BAD option.  I think it is better to sow the wheat late than to seed it poorly.

The farmer’s friends

Beneficial insects get several names.  Unpaid army is one.  In Brazil, they are called the ‘natural enemies’.  In reality, they are the farmer’s friends.

In this video from Alberta, they talk about scouting for beneficial insects and once they are gone, they are hard to get back.  Sometimes, you have spray but if you can let the beneficials work, that is money in the bank.

Spraying herbicide on wheat in the fall

Start clean, stay clean.  I think a big bump in winter wheat yields could be made with more attention to weeds.  No farmer I know would let weeds in their corn for half the year.  No farmer I know would plant soybeans without a preemerge herbicide.  But then it comes time to plant wheat and suddenly everyone becomes cheapskates.